A number of Leaders have asked questions on the use of the revised ADM 27, hopefully this informationwill address concerns Leaders may have.


Questions that will be answered in the Q&A document attached (bottom of page):

  • For an activity such as a unit camp, are the leaders expected to have a “permission to camp” form to collect any new information such as current medications? I guess using the ADM 53a for medication.
  • There has been some talk, about eventually using the website for “event registration” for unit camps. Would that collect the info required?

  • In the past an ADM27 was required for each event and these were retained with the event documents.

  • Are ADM27s able to be uploaded onto the Guide’s Guidebook?

  • In the information online it says “Any earlier electronic or printed versions of the ADM.27 form are to be deleted / destroyed”. Does this mean we can destroy the completed girls ADM 27s re currently have filed away from events in the last 8 years?

  • Where does information about medication go?

  • There is no Medicare information on the ADM27. What happens if I have to call an ambulance or take a Guide to hospital?

Q&A and sample ADM27s available for download at the bottom of the page.