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Reflections on Online Guiding (June 2020)

Below are some thoughts that 1st Caringbah Brownie Guide unit discussed and wrote about their experiences with online Guiding.

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Online meetings still allow us to have meetings, but some little things are harder, like following the instructions, and helping people out when they make a mistake, basic things that are alot easier when you are face to face. The meeting could be delayed too, as some internet lags and glitches. It is also different because it is a new experience for everybody to be online. We miss everybody, but it is easier to not have to travel to the hall, especially in winter. Sometimes we might be doing our own thing, and forget about the meeting, and have to rush to find a device and log on. Guides was something to look forward to when we were in total isolation, and was a happy place to be when we had nothing else to do. One brownie guide was funny, and she made us all laugh with her cringy jokes. For example, what do you call a dancing lamb? A baaaallerina. Where does the sheep get its hair cut? At the baaaarber shop.

Activity: Sewing with our friends at Junior Guides

This was hard at home because we couldn’t always see each other, and you couldn’t help others out if they made a mistake. It is easier because we can use our own equipment and not have to worry about bringing in and losing stuff. People might forget, too. Using our own equipment allows us to know the right thread colour etc to use and not having to share scissors.

Written by Fiori, N, P, S, A, S and G

1st Caringbah Brownie Guide unit