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Region AGM (May 2019)

At our 2019 AGM there were special Service Awards for 51 SSRR members. From these members alone, their total number of years they have committed to Guiding = 885 years.  

Just think what the total number of years would be if we combined all Leaders, Unit Helpers, Resource Leaders, Support Group members, Volunteers, Trefoil Guild members, Region Team members, all volunteers within our Southern Sydney Rivers Region,  51 members already add up to 885 years. This number would be enormous!!  

Thank you for supporting your Sisters in Guiding at our AGM!


Bindaree Blitz (May 2019)

Details and results coming soon about our fantastic Region event held at Woronora earlier in the month.

Thank you to Lowana, Meriki and all our amazing volunteers (both Leaders and otherwise) for reviving such a beloved event. Everybody had a fantastic day and your efforts are truly appreciated!


The Bindaree Blitz (the Blitz) is a one-day Region event held at Bindaree, our Region Water Activities Centre, on the Woronora River. And participants can enjoy both water and land activities in a fun, lightly competitive environment. There is a knotting challenge and all Guides and leaders were encouraged to have a go, you are also encouraged to out-do each other and decorate your site on the day as per the theme.

The theme for the 2019 Bindaree Blitz was Science! This theme was clearly expressed through the wonderfully creative district site decorations as well as across the fantastic land activities.




Medieval Themed meetings (March 2019)

Last year we ran a small medieval history component for two nights. The first week was focused on learning about the medieval period through trivia and games. The topics included: Castles and knights, the black death, Joan of arc, Alfred the Great and daily life in medieval Europe. This helped the girls develop and build upon their knowledge of the period which was focused around topics they would cover in high school.

This was followed by a visit by a local history club for the next guide meeting. Each volunteer from the group shared their passion with the girls through a discussion, demonstration and re-enactment. This included medieval armour, hand weaving, dancing and recreating medieval festival food.  For each field, there was an opportunity for the girls to try it for themselves. It was a fabulous night, everyone had a great time. It was really nice to get involved with local volunteer members who were keen to help support Guides - some of whom happened to once be Guide members themselves. It really opened my eyes to the opportunities that can be made available for our girls if we reach out for support from the community.

- Leader, West Bexley Guides



Clean Up Australia Day (March 2019)

A couple of weeks ago I went to Clean Up Australia Day in Camellia Gardens. It was really fun because my friends from Guides were there.

I was quite surprised to see so much rubbish there because I thought people cared about the environment, this made me upset. About every twocm of land there was rubbish like straws, lolly wrappers, maccas boxes and bags, bottle tops, bottles and we even found three needles that was pretty scary. Because of that we had to wear special gloves. 
Most of it was super fun we found a water dragon about 30cm long, it was so cool! We also found a dead pufferfish with no eyes it was so gross!
While we were picking rubbish up we found lots of foam pieces which is not good because it can break off in chunks and small bits that animals will eat. Afterwards I felt better knowing that I helped the environment. 
It was a really fun experience and I definitely recommend this for other Guides. 
- Junior Guide, 1st Caringbah Brownie Guides



Leaders' Toolkit Day (March 2019)

Adult members from across the Region came together for our SSR Region Toolkit Training Day.

Great sessions were held such as Girl led Guiding, quick Guiding games, outdoor activities into weekly meetings, adapting activies and more! The day was a great success and we look forward to holding another next year.

Thank you to all the members of the Region team for organising such a wonderful day!



Archery at Karingal (January 2019)

Over the summer holidays, Junior Guides from Helensburgh and their leaders enjoyed a wonderful day of archery at our beautiful Region campsite, Karingal. Thank you to the wonderful instructors and volunteers who made the day possible! Thanks to Margaret for the great photos!





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