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2019 Region and State Calendar

 * State event

Date Event Name
February 22 Thinking Day
March 2 Rock School (Noorumba)
March 2-3

Girl Led & Dynamic Programs (Glengarry)*

March 10 Leader's & District Manager's Toolkit
March 15-17

Region Caving Weekend (Bungonia National Park)

March 16-17 Regatta (TBA)*
March 21 or 23 Money Matters Training (Sans Souci Guide Hall)
April 6 Rock School
April 6 Lark in the Park (Centennial Park)*
April 13 Support Group Workshop (Sans Souci Guide Hall)
April 16 Fun on the Water (JG 9+, Guides)
May 3 Queen's Guide Submssions*
May 4 Rock School
May 5 Bindaree Blitz
May 18 Patrol Leader's Training (Sans Souci Guide Hall)
May 23 Region AGM
June 1 Rock School
July 6 Rock School
July 9 - 13 Kirrawee Gang Show (Rockdale Town Hall)
July 13 - 14 Leadership Qualification Training (Glengarry)*
July 16 Learning Partner Training (Glengarry)*
August 2 - 4 Scout State Rally
August 3 Rock School
August 3 - 4 Archery Training (Glengarry)*
August 9 - 11 Snow Camp (Araluen)
August 11 Rejectamenta*
August 17 Region Awards Day & Girl Made Region Exhibition
CANCELLED Region Campfire CANCELLED 2019
September 7 Rock School
Sept 28 - Oct 6 School for Adventure (Guides 13.5 - 15 years)
October 5 Rock School
October 18 - 20 Boree Regatta
October 19 - 20 JOTA / JOTI
October 19 - 20 Leadership Qualification Training (Glengarry)*
October 20 Learning Partner Training (Glengarry)*
November 2 Rock School
November 9 Water Activity Day
November 23 & 24 Trefoil 3 & Adult Canoe/Kayak Training
December 7 Rock School





Looking for further details about these events?? More info below!

Region Thinking Day (next event 2020)

A biennial day for all ages based on the current WAGGGS Thinking Day program.

Rock School

Bring your unit to try abseiling!  Information about the day long activity is found here:

Water Activity Day

From 10am – 3pm, Junior Guides can practise their canoeing and kayaking skills with qualified leaders.  Girls can attend individually, as a Unit Leader is not required on the day.

Fun on the Water

School holiday fun for girls aged 9 and up, with plenty of canoeing and kayaking.  

Trefoil 1 & 2 on the Water

Girls working on the Boating badge have the opportunity to complete the Canoeing section of the syllabus.

Bindaree Blitz

A one day event where districts come to enjoy both water and land activities in a fun, themed, lightly competitive environment.

PL Training

A biennial day for Junior Guide and Guide Patrol Leaders to build up their skills.

Kirrawee Gang Show

Bring your unit to see our local Guides and Scouts perform in this lively biennial variety theatre involving singing, dancing, acting and comedy.  

Region Awards Day

An afternoon for girls who’ve earned a Junior BP or BP award throughout the year, to celebrate with their Leaders and family.

Region Arts & Crafts Showcase (next event 2020)

A biennial showcase of the Region's artist talents! Look out for further information closer to the date.

Region Campfire

Before joining in the singing, enjoy a hot dog for dinner and get stuck into the sideshow activities and raise money for the Sydney Dogs and Cats home at the same time.

Boree Regatta

A weekend for both Guides and Scouts to participate in both water and land activities in a fun and adventurous way.  Camp overnight or come for the day. JOTA/JOTI will be available over the weekend.


For those that can’t get to Boree, Kingsgrove Scout hall hosts a JOTA/JOTI weekend with radios and computers all set up to chat with Guides and Scouts from around the globe.